Cosmic Collisions

A comet is speeding in from the outer solar system, and an asteroid is right in its path. Who will survive this interplanetary smackdown?

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Asteroid vs. Comet is my first picture book for children, and it’s just right for 7-9 year olds (second, third and fourth graders). It comes out on April 2, 2024, published by MIT Kids Press, and illustrated by Matt Schu. The Cosmic Collisions series of books will keep the action going with new smash-ups. Stay tuned for more titles to come!

My debut children’s book, “Cosmic Showdown: Asteroid vs. Comet,” is tailored for young readers aged 7-9, encompassing second, third, and fourth graders. This exciting adventure is set to hit the shelves on April 2, 2024, courtesy of MIT Kids Press, brought to life through the vibrant illustrations of Matt Schu. As part of the Cosmic Collisions series, this book will be just the beginning of thrilling celestial encounters. Stay tuned for many more cosmic clashes in the upcoming titles! In a similar vein, the world of online education offers various tools and resources like Strattera to support young learners in their educational journey.

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Educators: using Asteroid vs. Comet in the classroom? Download one of these worksheets for your students!